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Sam Adams Triple Bock AKA Soy Sauce Beer

February 28, 2007

Sam Adams Triple Bock

Delivered to you in the nicest beer bottle ever, it’s jet black when full and cobalt blue when empty with gold lettering, is the Sam Adams Triple Bock. A limited run that is said to never be done again, comes a very complex beer that hides its hefty 17.5% alcohol content. It hides it easily since this beer looks like the result of what happens when you brew a black hole, light does not escape. With no head, lace, or carbonation for that matter, this dark beer’s aroma is full of hints of chocolate, maple syrup, and soy sauce.

I definitely mark this as a glad I had it but never again. Even tasting just an ounce of it was too much with that soy sauce image in my mind. And when I say soy sauce, I don’t mean the crap that Kikkomen makes, I am talking real deal asian Dark Soy Sauce flavor. But the chance to taste a limited run beer and to now own such a bottle makes the $7 very much worth the experience.

Find out more at Sam Adams.

Get Your Netsuke On

February 27, 2007


A fashion trend in Japan that is not really known here, although I wish it was, is netsuke or cellphone straps/charms. Yes I know charm is not the most manly word but strap is so we will call it that or netsuke.

It is common to find a bunch of netsuke hanging from girls and guys cellphones in Jap-Land, ranging from cutesy little pink animals to useful things like a pocket knife or magnifying glass. People show off favorite sports teams and hobbies. The one in the picture is actually what they claim is a functional alien detector that beeps as you are about to get anal probed.

Strapya is a cool site that offers thousands of netsuke straight from Japan that you definitely will not be able to find in America. And in case you are wondering what my netsuke is, it’s a first gen Wiimote Strap. The kind that idiots can’t use to keep their LCD’s from breaking [DAMN FOOLS!!].

Get the hookup at Strapya [in english].

Human Trebuchet to the Max

February 26, 2007


When guys meet in a bar it’s all about 1ups-manship, the royal past time of trying to say you have a bigger johnson. Well guess what guys with a 4”-er who think bungee or base jumping is hardcore, have you ever ridden a trebuchet?

First you got to ask yourself honestly, do you even know what a trebuchet is? It is a siege weapon that uses counterweights to hurl a projectiles very far, a lot farther than a catapult or ballista. Well now imagine strapping yourself to where the stone goes and letting it fling you.

See who has real bawlz and what happens when they ride the trebuchet.

What to do in a Real Emergency

February 23, 2007

Terror Warning

As the head party representative here at MaoChan, I feel responsible for all our readers safety. In this day and age terror is everywhere. Why just yesterday my cereal decided to “explode” on the floor when I tilted the box too much, creating a giant “Orange Status Situation.” Now with these instructions I can sleep at night knowing that all the members of the party will be able to cope with dangerous situations, from nuclear attacks to collapsing buildings.

Get informed on how to survive to serve the party later at SafeNow.

YTMND: Butter- An Interpretation

February 23, 2007


I have been on a YTMND kick recently but this one stands out and fits this site perfectly, combining JPop music, engrish, stupidity, and food. Now you know you have probably heard stuff like this before, but you really have to ask whether or not they check these kinds of things when they make these songs in Asia.

SakaiChan: “TakaiChan, this song is great except one flaw.”
TakaiChan: “What’s wrong?”
SakaiChan: “It sounds like she is saying butter over and over.”
TakaiChan: “No way, just release it and even if it does, no one will notice.”

So unless it went like that, I don’t understand how you mess it up. Almost like their thoughts slipped on something….Butter perhaps?

Mobile17 Delivers the Ringtones

February 22, 2007


Hate paying for ringtones or do yours just suck? Want to be cool like me, who has everything from Leeroy Jenkins to the Zelda theme as their ringtone? Well Mobile17 can hook you up…FOR FREE. Requiring minimal registration, Mobile17 provides a free (or pay if you want it to come down faster) way to upload custom pictures and ringtones to your phone.

They do all the hardwork, all you do is upload the file and say what you want the track to be called. They then send it to you attached in a text or picture message. You then save it and apply it to your theme. It takes about an hour for them to send it to you for free or almost immediately if you want to pay.

Get your ring on at Mobile17.

Overheard in the Office

February 21, 2007

Overheard in the Office

Stupid people say stupid things all the time. But the problem is that it usually requires being at the right place at the right time, like being at 5400 West Sample Road Margate, Florida at 2pm in the afternoon. If you are not like me, a master of space & time, then Overheard in the Office is for you. Random people posting the randomness that they hear over the course of the day with golden pearls of wisdom such as:

Lady: Where do skidmarks come from?
Guy: I don’t know, but in the evening when I undress, there they are.

Read the stupidity at Overheard in the Office.