Welcome to MaoChan

Hello and welcome to MaoChan!

MaoChan is a blog written by MaoChan aka Shikoku88Henro. You have probably seen some of my other work around the internet including a stint on OhGizmo!. My goal here is to provide an entertaining blog that pulls from all around the internets, grabbing whatever catches my eyes and is one of those things that make you say, “I got to show someone this.” I would also like to garner a community that shares and gets involved, helping out however they can.

The origin of MaoChan is actually interesting. I studied a lot of Asian history at Colgate University, the Cultural Revolution and Mao Tse Dong was always a high point of focus. Now out of school and married, it was time that we got a pet. We ended up adopting a cat, Mau, so named for her squeeky little meows. Well one letter and a Chairman later, our family now also including our cute little kitty, Chairman Mao or if you know her, MaoChan.

For the people!!

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2 Comments on “Welcome to MaoChan”

  1. […] you probably already know, this blog is named after one tiny little kitty. She is Chairman Mao. In the short time we have had her it has been fun, […]

  2. […] not there last night, Mao had to be put to sleep last night. Our poor kitty whose namesake is the inspiration for this blog has […]

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