Alive in Joburg

Alive in Joburg

Directed in 2005 by Neill Blomkamp, the man who was offered to direct Halo, is his short film commentary titled Alive in Joburg.

Reviving the race issues that were rampant in South Africa in the 1990’s, Neill uses the historical backdrop to paint a different picture of an alternate history where refugee aliens land in South Africa. Racism at its strongest, the aliens are forced to become the dredges of society and thusly are hated for it. His film, running 6 minutes, is masterfully crafted in a mock documentary style.

What is amazing is not just the level of visuals but also the story-telling that occurs in just 6 minutes. Really, if this one man can pull this off, why can’t Hollywood do it easily with their multi-million dollar budgets more often?

Check out the cool that is Alive in Joburg.

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  1. […] is that the clip comes from Neill Blomkamp, the guy who did Alive in Joburg. He was slated to direct the full length Halo movie but last rumor was that he was cut from the […]

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