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With all the BitTorrent Sites around, it is easy to just end up with crap. You know what I mean, that torrent that when you open it for a show has its videos in 3 formats by 6 different encoders and compressed into 9 different languages.

Quality is a major problem when it comes to files, especially anime but no longer. The boys over at KickAssAnime bring the big guns when it comes to digital distribution on BT. I have been a lurker for awhile there and download a fair share from them. The nice thing is that they produce quality files but also will even go back and “remaster” them if it isn’t up to snuff the first time. They have a great selection from completed series to standalone movies.

I am currently on a Last Exile and Yukikaze kick. Gotta love steampunk and robotech-esque planes.

Get it while its hot at KickAssAnime .

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