Get Your Netsuke On


A fashion trend in Japan that is not really known here, although I wish it was, is netsuke or cellphone straps/charms. Yes I know charm is not the most manly word but strap is so we will call it that or netsuke.

It is common to find a bunch of netsuke hanging from girls and guys cellphones in Jap-Land, ranging from cutesy little pink animals to useful things like a pocket knife or magnifying glass. People show off favorite sports teams and hobbies. The one in the picture is actually what they claim is a functional alien detector that beeps as you are about to get anal probed.

Strapya is a cool site that offers thousands of netsuke straight from Japan that you definitely will not be able to find in America. And in case you are wondering what my netsuke is, it’s a first gen Wiimote Strap. The kind that idiots can’t use to keep their LCD’s from breaking [DAMN FOOLS!!].

Get the hookup at Strapya [in english].

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