Sam Adams Triple Bock AKA Soy Sauce Beer

Sam Adams Triple Bock

Delivered to you in the nicest beer bottle ever, it’s jet black when full and cobalt blue when empty with gold lettering, is the Sam Adams Triple Bock. A limited run that is said to never be done again, comes a very complex beer that hides its hefty 17.5% alcohol content. It hides it easily since this beer looks like the result of what happens when you brew a black hole, light does not escape. With no head, lace, or carbonation for that matter, this dark beer’s aroma is full of hints of chocolate, maple syrup, and soy sauce.

I definitely mark this as a glad I had it but never again. Even tasting just an ounce of it was too much with that soy sauce image in my mind. And when I say soy sauce, I don’t mean the crap that Kikkomen makes, I am talking real deal asian Dark Soy Sauce flavor. But the chance to taste a limited run beer and to now own such a bottle makes the $7 very much worth the experience.

Find out more at Sam Adams.

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