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Silent Film Star Wars

March 5, 2007

Silent Star Wars

I love film, this week having just seen Zodiac*, so I try and see many different types. One type of film that is just humorous no matter what is silent film. Two such films are D.W. Griffith’s film The Birth of a Nation which depicts the rise of the KKK and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, deemed the epitome of German expressionism. Although works of art, the silent genre leaves room for you to find humor in it, also because of how dated it is.

Well someone though to themselves, “what if Star Wars was a silent movie?”

Find out in this short sample exactly what would Silent Star Wars look like.



How Stuff Works: MaoChan

March 5, 2007

How Communism Works

Hello all, MaoChan here.

After monitoring our traffic stats, MaoChan as a nice little following. I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone so far and please keep visiting. This actually brings me to my main topic of how this site will work.

MaoChan is currently written by one person as I assume you have noticed. I am currently trying to bring aboard some other writers who will hopefully flesh out and provide some extra material for you to read. Since I am one man, the update schedule is planned to be as such:

I will be updating at least once a day every day of the “business week”.
(god I love that term)

I hope to provide you with at least one new post daily, my personal goal is two but I rather surprise you with an extra than disappoint you with only one. As for weekends it will be hit or miss, I love my time off as do you and will probably only post when I have free time or for special topics that I just have to share. I will also be sure to announce when I am taking a break, such as my attending a wedding in April, and will then resume when back.

Hopefully before that I will have some others to help cover the downtime. I hope that you all have enjoyed so far what MaoChan has served up, and if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment or even mail me directly: Shikoku88Henro [AT] yahoo [DOT] com