YTMND: 300 Mortal Kombat

300 Mortal Kombat

is shaping up to be one of the greatest films of the year if not ever. Coming off of the success of Sin City, Frank Miller has inspired another soon to be classic. (I hope cuz I see it at the IMAX on Saturday) While on the topic of classics, who remembers Ed Boon and his classic, Mortal Kombat, that started the uproar by parents and congressmen against game violence.

I think the YTMND will explain it all. On a side note, I got to meet Frank Miller as his niece attended the same college as me. All I did was say hi, shake his hand, and thank him for making a film that was edgy, actually original, and mostly entertaining. Now when I look back, I am kicking myself for not asking him to sign something.

This is 300 MORTAL KOMBAT!

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