Y’s Typing Tutor

Y’s Typing

Y’s is Nihon Falcom corporation’s flagship franchise, an rpg that has not seen too much love here in the states in terms of official releases. Unofficially, it has been a big hit with ROM patchers and translators. Inside on of the games was a mini-game designed to improve your typing skill since it was on the MSX2 computer system that had a keyboard. Now one plucky coder has riped it out and made it a standalone game…FOR FREE!

With nimble fingers dancing across the keyboard, you can gallivant across the countryside typing to kill your foes. It definitely beats out Mavis Beacon BS and other typing programs. Personally I liked Typing of the Dead but then again I would play a pile of dog poo if you said it was fun.

Coverage via Destructoid, direct link here.

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