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YTMND: 300 vs The White House

March 23, 2007


After seeing how popular the first 300 YTMND I posted here was, I decided to share another great one. This time another famous internet meme joins into the fray, and no it is not Goatse.

“Tonight, we dine…IN THE OVAL OFFICE!


Florida’s Lost Tourist Attractions

March 23, 2007

Lost Florida

Almost everyone has been to Disney World at some point in their lives, I used to live in Tampa so I have been around 500+. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are other things to do and even other amusement parks in the state. But what people don’t know is how many have come and gone through the ages to be forgotten by all but a handful that went.

One such place was Splendid China, a park that presented scale, handmade miniatures of famous places across China. It was quiet and serene, a place to just appreciate that which was being shown to you.

Someone has thoughtfully created a page to collect the memories of all of the Lost Attractions of Florida.