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Crazy Koreans! Starcraft! What More Do You Need?

March 27, 2007


We all remember back in the day, no one cared what console you had. The Nintendos and Playstations all lived together happy. That was due to their overlord called Starcraft. If you didn’t play this back when it was hot, you are a GOD DAMN LOSER. I don’t think I can stress that point enough, because everyone played. Hell I think I lost some BNet matches to my dog cuz even he was on. But then came the Koreans and the magic ability that they so suavely call skill.

One term I want to mention here is “Going Korean on….” something. When you “Go Korean on” things, it means you have dedicated so much time and skill to become so good that you have just finally broken into the upper echelon that is the ability of a Korean video game player. Really these people die for games, unless you do that, you are not hardcore. Sadly, a real Korean can still gank you easily, cuz they inherintly “Go Korean on” everything.

Watch the South Korean Starcraft Championship over at Destructoid.