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Come Meet MaoChan @ The Flying Saucer

March 28, 2007

Flying Saucer

For anyone in the San Antonio area, MaoChan and the crew will be drinking it up at The Flying Saucer. One of, if not, the best bars around, The Flying Saucer boasts over 250 beers that rotate out on a daily basis. Come join us for a cold one, hell I will be a nice guy and let you buy me one. ;]

Come say hi, get some beer recommendations, check out my plate on the wall, give some opinions on the site, or just give us some money. Whatever floats your boat. I will be the dude wearing the blue Tokyo Giants hat, just ask one of the girls to point out Bruce and they can probably direct you accordingly considering how often I go.

Get drizzunk at The Flying Saucer.


Homebrew Triple Triad MMO for PSP

March 28, 2007

Triple Triad

One of the coolest things to come out of the Final Fantasy universe is the card game Triple Triad. A complex game of flipping and fucking or futoning as the college kids might say, it involves cards brandishing the characters and monsters from the FF world.

First introduced in FFVIII, it has seen variation in other FF games, even being a sort of pack-in for FFXI, Square’s big life stealing MMO. The news of this game comes in the form of homebrewers who have coded Triple Triad for the PSP but also added an online component where you can battle, trade, and sell cards.

I will see you on the flipside.

PS-I am so sorry for how bad that is but I just had to use that crappy saying.