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Someone Actually Can Do The Dixie Twist

March 29, 2007

Dixie Twist

The above is from my favorite, and probably everyone else as well, webcomic called Penny Arcade. In the short series titled Undisclosed Propensities, Gabe is embroilled in a line dancing fiasco that when push comes to shove, he has to reach deep down to pull off the one and only Dixie Twist.

Although most assumed this type of precarious maneuver confined to webcomica, it turns out it is not.

All behold that which is the real life Dixie Twist.


Bowling Ball + Idiots In Car = Awesome-O!

March 29, 2007

Bowling Car

Proving to the world that their will never be a lack of ingenuity or stupidity, I give you this video. The concept was to see how far/high they could launch a bowling ball off a ramp via the locomotion of a car.

The best part is the “Dude that sucks for you” as they all stand around after realizing that they will have to tell their parents:

Kid: “And then it hit the car and the whole window broke.”
Mom: “God, this proves yet again I should of aborted you.”

Check out some dumb ass carbowling antics.