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Happy Cat Asks: I Can Has Cheezburger?

April 30, 2007

I Can Has Cheezburger?

You have all seen Happy Cat, he is a pretty famous meme. But did you know there is a whole site full of kittys such as that sexy beast?

I Can Has Cheezburger is sure to fulfill your daily quota of bad spelling and cute animals. Yes that’s right, I said cute animals. I don’t care how big your testicles are, you still call them cute animals. And if you don’t, I WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL!! And incase you are wondering about the tag, yes this is truly ART at its best.

Yes you can has Cheezburger.


Play God At Disney World

April 30, 2007

Disney Flash Game

When you go to Disney World, they do a pretty good job of creating an atmosphere where things just happen. You don’t really see most of the work behind the scenes, what it takes to support all the visitors daily.

Well now you can at least get a taste of how “fun” it is to run some of the rides. These 4 simulators are pretty cool games that allow you to take control and run the rides. From queueing people to closing the elevator doors on Tower of Terror, it is pretty detailed.

Pretend to be a part of the magic at Disney.

Papercraft MegaPost

April 27, 2007

Papercraft Megapost

Welcome all to MaoChan getting 2,000 visitors in only 2 1/2 months!

To celebrate I figure no better way than to do it up with a papercraft megapost as you all seem to be big fans of the art. The cat above is actually papercraft but I couldn’t find his pattern. Gomen.

Hit the jump for the extravaganza.


Strapya Unleashes Your Inner Mini-Director

April 26, 2007


Ever wanted to be able to yell out “aaannnnd ACTION!!!” and here that tiny clap for your cell phone movie shenanigans? Well the fine people over at Strapya have come up with another new netsuke, the Soranuma Koubou Woodcraft Clapper Board Cell Phone Strap.

Even coming with its own chalk, you can now mark all those moments with a tiny clapper board when you take pictures or videos with your cell phone. Or you can just run around clapping it in people’s faces yelling at them that they just “Got the Clap”.

Be your own mini director.

Rob Corddry: My Wife Is More Extreme Than Yours

April 26, 2007

Rob Corddry

You may remember Rob Corddry from the Daily Show or his new show The Winner. The Winner always looks like the Weiner when I read it too fast. He also writes for Suicide Girls and has to be one of the best writers they have. His articles sometimes end up on digg with 3 or 4 diggs but you can change that by reading this article about his wife. I really want to do a triathlon and the imagery he congers up here is beautiful.

Nine times out of ten she’s serious and I have the distinct pleasure of watching the sun rise over a few thousand ruddy characters stretching while Takin’ Care of Business plays over the tape deck in their Subarus. They have really dry hair from the chlorine, they have poor complexions from all the sun and they have the shadow of my middle finger stretching across their faces.

Maybe the shadow of his middle finger is stretching over my keyboard, either way it feels refreshing.

YTMND: Dean’s Hell March

April 25, 2007

Command and Conquer YTMND

Command and Conquer is the undisputed god of the RTS. Yes Starcraft and Warcraft are good, very good indeed. But it is the genre defining work that C&C has brought that makes it stand out. And talk about a soundtrack, I even have Hell March on my iPod.

What some people don’t realize though is that even Dean was in Red Alert, his plot for taking the White House was evident way back when.

No, Comrade Dean. It has only begun.

FogSHIELD + Flamethrower Alarm = Disco Inferno!!

April 24, 2007

Disco Inferno

Most people have heard about the Flamethrower Car alarm available in South Africa. It shoots out flames to burn to a cider thwart thieves. There is another company that is selling the FogSHIELD (Quicktime Video), a party in a box smoke generator that instantly fills a space with smoke.

Imagine combining the two in your garage, add some strobes and thieves will either run from jacking your car or will start dancing and signing Earth, Wind, & Fire.

You can find more details about the FogSHIELD a la Engadget.