Papercraft Final Fantasy IX Vivi

Papercraft Vivi

Today was a good day for MaoChan. I would like to send out a thanks to one of San Antonio’s local Party members for helping out MaoChan by donating a Powerbook Laptop to the fight. It will help insure that updates to the site will occur frequently no matter where I go once I got OSX installed on it.

As fanservice, I decided to post on one of everyone’s favorite topics, papercraft. Here coming from Rapidshare via Kotaku is a sweet Vivi papercraft doll.

Of all the recent Final Fantasy games, FFIX is one that managed to leave its mark on my mind. FFX was a flop and FFVIII should of been named something else (a theory I will preach on later). What was the perfect throwback that honored tradition, FFIX was great and Vivi was the quintessential black mage.

Get folding a Papercraft Vivi.

PS-If anyone knows where I can get a copy of OSX Tiger, I would greatly appreciate it.

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