Don’t Think Before You Post

First of all this video is just creepy. What girl in High School posts a picture of herself lying on her bed on the school’s board for even one person to see? She should have never taken that picture in the first place. Mainly cause she’s underage (maybe) and not all that hot. A girl she screwed over or an ex-boyfriend could have taken that picture and posted it. People would take it down, but it would pop back up like so many unwanted Mortgage applications. What’s a skanky girl to do in this day and age?

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One Comment on “Don’t Think Before You Post”

  1. cygnus183 Says:

    i don’t think this commercial makes sense. i mean that picture is pretty tame. oh wow she’s on a bed, big deal. definitely nothing to cry about if other people saw it. to really hit the message home, they should’ve use a picture that’s more risqué, more embarrassing for her (which they obviously can’t do for the commercial). i think this one works better since it sounds like not only did she post the aforementioned type of stuff, she also posted personal info.

    but overall i think these commercials are retarded. you just need good parenting.

    p.s. you should add a link somewhere for people to sign-in to wordpress

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