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Teachers and Assisted Suicide

April 12, 2007

The Unethicist

The Unethicist, a columnist with, gives great advice to a school teacher about helping a student with a suicide problem. Surprisingly Gawker is not all about New York City sightings of celebs. I just wish they had a tag for “humor-someone-who-doesn’t-live-in-the-NYC-can-understand”. It would make it easier to find the true gems that they write such as this:

“But suicide is basically just an extreme form of being a cutter, and being a cutter is just taking enthusiasm for My Chemical Romance albums and Hello Kitty paraphernalia to its violent conclusion. It’s lame. And I do not advocate being lame.” – The Unethicist on Music on Japanese Culture

Read more about how to help students with problems.


The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Live in Akibahara

April 12, 2007

Japan has presented yet again another reason why they are cooler nerdier than us. A whole group of the nerds all met up in Tokyo’s famous Akibahara and staged the ending dance that is seen at the end of the anime The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi.

What is amazing is that everyone showed up in cosplay and did a fully choreographed dance number without meeting before hand. Unfortunately the police reared their dragon’s head up and the dance number stopped.

This also shows you how people see police in Japan, as authority. None of the America BS of hearing some punk kid hit a cop, people know they have power and respect it, like a moth and an open flame.