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Building Houses 2 Online Flash Puzzler

April 13, 2007

Building Houses

Not a lot of those flash games you see around really are challenging, hell most require that you can move the mouse and you win. Building Houses 2 is a great puzzler that tests your concepts and visualization skills on the 3D plain. You are presented with 3 angles of a figure and you have to build it with the blocks.

Where it gets harder is that if you accomplish it, you get a little green light. But there is an minimum amount of blocks that some of these can be accomplished with and if you can figure that out, you get a yellow light saying you are a god…. ok maybe that last little bit was made up. A cool waste of time and some might find out they have bad block building skills.

Open your brain with 3D Building Housese 2.


YTMND: Shocking, Positively Shocking Cats

April 13, 2007

Shocking Cats

Actually this has nothing to do with Dr. No, well maybe it does since Dr. No had a cat. Anyways, cats are known for their dramatics and antics.

See these cats, they are shocked.