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PC Decrapifier Removes All Your… Uhh… Crap!

April 16, 2007

PC Decrapifier

We all have that stuff that when you bring up the Task Manager you look at “ppadh43ksjh.exe” and you say what the fuck is that and why is it running? Well now you can remove such random garbage and other stuff like say stupid background AOL junk via PC Decrapifier.

A very small exe file, PC Decrapifier shows you a list of what it thinks is crap and lets you decide what to uninstall. What is nice is that it catches a lot of stuff that isn’t in the Add/Remove Programs list and this software makes it a snap for the not techgeek crowd to do without having to pay someone.

Let’s all go decrapify ourselves.


Retroencabulator!?!?! Makes You Scratch Your Head

April 16, 2007


If you think you are a smarty pants, watch this video presentation from Rockwell Automation. Their new product, the Retroencabulator, is ushering in a new force in the front edge of the leading synergy between the paradigm of design and machines.

In case you haven’t realized, it is a silly video that stems from a joke between electrical engineers called the Turboencabulator. The Retroencabulator is all hogwash aka nothing but technobabble that is meant for a laugh.

I think I need one to help my problems with inverse reactive currents.