Retroencabulator!?!?! Makes You Scratch Your Head


If you think you are a smarty pants, watch this video presentation from Rockwell Automation. Their new product, the Retroencabulator, is ushering in a new force in the front edge of the leading synergy between the paradigm of design and machines.

In case you haven’t realized, it is a silly video that stems from a joke between electrical engineers called the Turboencabulator. The Retroencabulator is all hogwash aka nothing but technobabble that is meant for a laugh.

I think I need one to help my problems with inverse reactive currents.

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One Comment on “Retroencabulator!?!?! Makes You Scratch Your Head”

  1. cygnus183 Says:

    the original video by Chrysler from the wiki page

    I like the Retro-Encabulator better though.

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