Bad Art + Awesome Humer = XKCD

Double Take

XKCD is a webcomic about stickfigures and the shopping choices they have to make.

Just kidding. Actually, it’s a very funny comic with great art styling about “romance, sarcasm, math, and language” mostly told with graphs or charts. After the above example be glad he doesn’t draw funny facial expressions. You should also go see some of the funny ‘after punchlines?’ a la strong bad e-mails when you mouse over the comics.

See how much better the cucumber might fit over at XKCD.

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One Comment on “Bad Art + Awesome Humer = XKCD”

  1. […] covered XKCD awhile ago, the comic is a hilarious mix of math, relationship, and random jokes. One joke was setting up a […]

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