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Casshern Featured in New Neo-Sapian WP Theme

April 18, 2007

Wordpress Theme

Today there was a new theme released on WordPress called Neo-Sapian. I know most of you probably think it’s ok. But that isn’t the focus here. The focus is that it is themed on the movie Casshern, a 2004 movie from Japan that unfortunately has not come out here in America.

Based on manga, it tells its story via full CGI with live actors (think Sin City) about a guy who dies and comes back as the savior of all. Over the top visuals and gritty religious metaphors, Casshern is, for lack of a better term, amazing. I am a lucky owner of the 3 DVD special edition I bought in Kyoto the day it came out and highly recommend you import it.

See the trailer for Casshern.


VG Cats: 300 vs Mario

April 18, 2007

200 VG Cats

VG Cats has been a long time staple of my daily internet chow. Funny, off-beat, sometimes bordering on sexually creepy. And it has kitties and a great art style.

Today’s comic is awesomely 300 themed. And we all know how much the masses love anything tied to 300 no matter how retarded.

Tonight we dine in the Mushroom Kingdom!