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YTMND: Back to the F-Zero

April 20, 2007

YTMND Back to the Future

Other than spending way too long on the above logo thus proving I do nothing at work, is this great mashup YTMND featuring everyone’s favorite Robert Zemeckis’ film, Back to the Future, and the classic no gravity racer, F-Zero.

If you ever go read the trivia for BTTF 2 and 3, it is quite interesting and it also explains why there were nowhere near as cool as the first movie in the trilogy. Granted hoverboards and the autodry jacket are the bee’s knees but still.

What really happens at 88 MPH.


DIY Bento Hot Dog Art

April 20, 2007

Japanese Hot Dogs

If you are like me, you are tired of boring lunches. You know the ones, where it is just a sandwich that has no pictures on it, and carrot sticks that just look like carrots. Well now you can make some very cool looking Japanese hot dog animals for your bento or lunchbox.

With simple diagrams that do not need any Japanese to understand, you are just minutes away from fantastic hot dog fun. Also mounds of ridicule as people question why you have so much time for hot dog art. It is because no one loves you except the hot dog bunny, he does.

Sculpt me a hot dog tapir.