What Do You Want To See On MaoChan?

I’ve been sitting here bored to tears and it came to me to possibly send out a proclamation to the Party.

MaoChan has been growing since it started a little over two months ago. Our readership has gone from a dribble of 1 or 2 to now about 1,000 visits a month. While that is still not much, it is good to see that people are enjoying this enough to truly spread it around.

I wanted to ask you, the people for whom this is for, what do you want to see on MaoChan? Is it porn? More food articles? Or more of the same?

I also wanted to mention that I have been toying with the idea of a contest. A giveaway of some sorts that will hopefully foster some community spirit. If I decide to do it, what would you like to see as the prize? I am up for suggestions and I will answer it right now, I will not be dolling out handjobs.

Let me know and continue to recruit for the Party.

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