Papercraft MegaPost

Papercraft Megapost

Welcome all to MaoChan getting 2,000 visitors in only 2 1/2 months!

To celebrate I figure no better way than to do it up with a papercraft megapost as you all seem to be big fans of the art. The cat above is actually papercraft but I couldn’t find his pattern. Gomen.

Hit the jump for the extravaganza.

Papercraft PyramidHead
Straight from Silent Hill and into your room, this model is Pyramid Head who is possibly one of the scariest characters in a game ever. Remember Silent Hill 2 and you are in a small area fighting him near some water and all you can do is DIE!!!

Pyramid Head is raping your soul.

Papercraft Pepakura
Granted the site is full of engrish:

Make a development for papercraft from 3-dimensional data

But this software allows for you, using 3d models, to generate papercraft patterns the likes of which you have never seen.

Make your own papercraft patterns.

Papercraft Origami Dragon
Although technically origami, this video is too crazy to pass up sharing. Hell it is so cool it might even get its own post later.

All the coverage via TechEBlog.

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