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Japanese Snacks Galore

May 7, 2007


Japan, it is the land of robots and snacks. There really is no greater place that you can chill with ASIMO and have some choco-cookie biscuits at the same time. If you smart and somewhat resourceful, there are usually hidden Asian markets around town that you can find. And they sell everything, not just Pocky.

But if you are not Asian-cultured educated or live out in the sticks, the site is right up your alley. With reviews and links to stores, you will be stuffing your face in no time with sugary goodness and be the envy of all the fat, hungry otaku that you call friends.

I’m going to Pocky you in the butt.


Naked Women And Beer: A Strip Club Server’s Blog

May 7, 2007


I am not a huge patron of the titty bars, it is just not my thing. Last time I went it was for the UFC fight with Couture’s comeback (talk about a fight) and I could have cared less about the nakedness around me. I wanted to watch that fight so bad someone could of been getting raped in the butt by a donkey and I wouldn’t have paid any attention.

The antics that occur though behind the scenes though, are now being documented by a waitstaff/bartender that works at a strip club. From skank fights to asshole visitors not tipping, this blog has it all.

No sex in the champagne room.