YTMND: Silent Hill, I Can Escape Hell But Not Open A Door

YTMND Silent Hill

Don’t get me wrong, I have played every Silent Hill game out there, including the retardedly bad and hard to read Silent Hill Graphic Novel from Japan on the GBA. I love the series, it is what Resident Evil only wishes it could be. Another reason is because if my dreams were to manifest into images I could share to people, it would look like Silent Hill (yes I understand that I’m seriously fucked in the head).

In all that running around, avoiding killer hellhounds and Pyramid Head, what would you expect to be the one thing that would be able to truly block your path. Satan? Occult Worshippers? Naughty Nurses from Hell? No it turns out the answer is a locked door. Really, why can’t you just smash the damn thing open?

Or just shot the lock with your glock?

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