Weekend Update: Casino Royale Theme Song Awesomeness

Casino Royale

I have seen all the Bond movies, except the George Lazenby POS. My current favorite of Man With the Golden Gun was usurped by Casino Royale. Daniel Craig (Daniel is my middle name) earned a point of respect after I say L4yer Cake in theatres.

Casino Royale started out on a high note, the film noir opening using various camera techniques, the sharp & witty dailogue, and of course the great opening montage. Of all the the Bond movies, other than A-Ha’s song for The Living Daylights, You Know My Name is my favorite.

Download You Know My Name via Rapid Share. (320kpbs @ 9megs)

PS-Vodka martini with a twist, no olive is very tasty. Make sure ask for Ketel One or Level.

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