YTMND: Wheel of Vader

YTMND Wheel of Fortune

Maybe I am just a simple man, yearning for simpler times. A time where jokes didn’t need explaining. That’s right, I am looking at you Family Guy. I like it when it is clean and to the point and the reference doesn’t need explanation.

I like Wheel of Fortune just for the fact that I think it is an easy game to win. I also like Star Wars. But Lucas did put some stupid things into the newer ones. I will never forget the line:

Anakin: “I want to wish these feelings away, BUT I CAN’T!!”

Who says shit like that to a girl other than a guy looking to not get any.

I will take Stupid Star Wars Moments for $200 Pat.

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One Comment on “YTMND: Wheel of Vader”

  1. cmvenom Says:

    I like the fact that Padme tells Anakin they “can’t be together” while wearing what amounts to a dominatrix outfit. Way to keep your signals clear there, Senator.

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