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Faking HDR Shots in Photoshop

May 15, 2007

Fake HDR

Some people are gifted with talent such as taking amazing photos. Others are gifted at using Photoshop. And some are just crappy at both. Well if you are the third option, then you can use this tutorial, and included Photoshop Action, to instantly create HDR photos.

What is HDR you ask? HDR stands for High Dynamic Range photography. It is a photo style, done through exposure control and processing, that brings out all the color vividly in a scene. No more shadows and highlights, all is bright and saturated.

It’s shopped, I can tell.


YTMND: The Simpson’s Bart Hates Disturbed

May 15, 2007

YTMND The Simpsons

And really, can you blame him for not liking something so crappy?

Disturbingly terrible music.

French Animated AIDS Commercial

May 15, 2007

French AIDS

“Release the Gimp”. Possibly the only 3 words you don’t want to hear when you are about to get it on with a girl, other than “I love you”. Joking.

These ads are French AIDS commercials that help push the use of condoms but I also feel they send the message that you will fuck some weird ass people in your lifetime. That and girls like to hand you internal organs after you just dumped your load.

Get on the Anti-AIDS bandwagon.