QuikPod Needs New Marketing Guys


While seeming to be a pretty useful product, the QuikPod is a mono-pod for cameras with extra hinges that allow for self portraits and other shots, it has got to have the worst case of being “shopped” ever for its promotional pictures. I posted the above in a larger than MaoChan standard so you can grasp how bad these things look.

QuickPod, if you want someone who can make these cheesy photos seem little more realistic, send me an email and we can work something out. Look after the jump for some classy examples that are more than up to par with your standard of quality that I made.

Buy the QuikPod @ our buddies ThinkGeek.

Here is an example of shooting over a tall building so you can capture a picture of a flying dog.
QuikPod Flying Dog

It helps out boat captains see over large waves and catch a glimpse of their impending doom!
QuikPod Boating

Before killing all the hotties on the beach with nukes, you could take a picture from the submarine.

The most surprising thing is that the QuikPod has been around for awhile, it helped the Chinese see the invading Mongol Hordes.

This has been all in good fun, I actually think QuikPod is a good idea for on the go photo taking. But for the love of God get a new graphics designer.

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