Lazy Town is Poisoning My Brain

If you don’t know what Lazy Town or the Pretty Cake song are, then leave right now….. actually don’t leave but just go to the next post you lucky bastard. If you are like me, a man aged 21-35, who is experiencing the overwhelming urge to hum, sing, dance, and think about cakes then you might be suffering from Pretty Cake song syndrome or PCSS.

Let me straighten something out first, it has nothing to do with some creepy, pedophilic interest in the girl signing the song. The issue, the problem is the damn song itself. It burrows into your brain and nests there and then one day you are trying to think and BAM!! it hatches. The Pretty Cake song’s evil brood then ooze into your cerebral cortex where it then forces you to only think about this song. Some help me.

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