Food Stamp Challenge Is BS Reply

Food Stamps

I sent the story posted earlier and received a reply from Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s Political Director, Alexander Armour. I will say this from the start, your timely response represents you in the best of light and I appreciate it.

Here is the email I received:

Dear MaoChan,

Thanks for taking an interest in the Food Stamp Challenge. I appreciate your thoughtful commentary as well. One of the big ideas behind the Food Stamp Challenge was to do some good old fashioned consciousness raising on the issue, and this has been a big success. Sometimes for people to really get the issue, you need to go beyond just talking about an issue, and doing something that will bring the reality of the situation home to other Members of Congress. Hopefully those who are ultimately responsible for determining what these benefits are will now have a better sense of what it actually means to try provide healthy meals for those in need of food asssitance. In your commentary, you mention farmers markets, but right now, most farmers markets, at least the ones we are familiar with here in Chicago, don’t accept food stamps, putting another barrier up in terms of access to fresh fruits and vegetable. We’re going to work to try to change that.

Alexander Armour
Political Director – Schakowsky for Congress

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