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WoW: Dancing Fever Exposed

May 23, 2007

The main and possibly the only reason to ever play World of Warcraft is for the dancing emotes. If you are wondering what the hell I am talking about let me explain. In WoW, that’s what the hip nerds call it, you can “emote” people and your character will do things like wave, cry, and hug. The best one obviously is dance. Each race and gender has its own dance that are copies of some very famous ones.

I find it interesting to see where the Night Elf woman got her dance from, I initially guessed stripper not Eurotrash video. My personal favorite is the Bollywood inspired shenanigans. There is something about it that just makes me laugh so hard. Must be the turban.


Shiner ’98: The Legend Continues

May 23, 2007

Shiner Beer

Shiner is hands down the best American brewery that is not a macrobrew but is available to tons of people easily. Shiner is tied with Yuengling up north but they brew different types of beer so I don’t really compare them.

Yearly Shiner brings out their Bavarian Style Amber Lager yearly as an homage to their roots. It is handcrafted from two special varieties of hops and a blend of rich imported malts to make this the darkest lager possible. They count up yearly so this is Shiner ’98 and unfortunately is limited to a seasonal run. Otherwise I would bathe in the stuff.

Nothing finer than a Shiner.