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Nissan Dualis Stomping Through Your Town

May 24, 2007

Nissan Dualis

Macross/Robotech creator Shoji Kawamori has teamed up with Nissan to help advertise the new Dualis SUV that is debuting. He has created a mecha, a la Transformers, that is a Dualis but humanoid in form.

Kawamori is a god when it comes to mecha design, essentially inventing and defining a lot of what is mecha and the structure behind it. Watch Macross Zero for an awesome glimpse of the Variable Fighters fully transforming and not in the stupid, magical way that most robots transform but instead in a very detailed, this piece slides here and that goes there kind of presentation.

Hit the jump to see two videos of the Dualis running around Japan.



Papercraft AT-AT

May 24, 2007

ATAT Papercraft

The AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) is one of the coolest things to come out of the Star Wars universe. Imagine fighting a battle and then seeing those giants lumbering towards you. You would immediately know you are fucked.

The level of detail on this papercraft is really good. It almost looks like a model, which I did try and build when I was a little kid. I ended up sucking it so hard that I put it on the floor and stepped on it. Who sucks now, flattened AT-AT model?

“Echo station 3-T-8, we have spotted Imperial walkers. “