XBox Elite is Blacker Than Black

Blacker Than Black

I don’t know about you but when I buy a game system, I like to have the original color released. I am not into the reissues that companies do in order to milk the profit. Granted for the Elite they actually made changes for the better, I am not all hot for it since it is black matte color. I like the white with chrome and green lights. It is hospital sexy.

If you were wondering what the above image has to do with anything, it is a movie called CB4starring Chris Rock. It features great quotes:

Yeah, yeah, I’m lickin’ your balls, best balls I ever had. Uh-huh, you’ve got King-Kong balls. Your balls are so large, just big balls, I don’t care. You just got big balls.

Cuz I’m black black blackidy black.

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