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Remembering The Sacrifice

May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, a day to remember those that have died in military service. Now I will not state whether or not I support the current military action in the Middle East….**COUGH***NOOO!!!***COUGH***. What we really need to observe is not the wars, political choices, or bad decisions that have been made in the past that resulted in these lost lives but the lives themselves.

Everyday people die in military service. These people enter the service and realize that there is a chance they will not come home someday. It is a job that has the potential to ruin relationships and families. Whether you think it is a necessary job is for you to decide personally when you sign up for service but everyone should honor these folks. They have gone on to pay the ultimate price for their jobs, for a job they believed in so much that they were willing to die for it.

To all those gone and those who are living with the lose.


A-Ha: Take On Family Guy

May 28, 2007

A-Ha: Take On Me

I’ll not beat around the bush and just say it straight, I am not a fan of Family Guy. I see it as a string of decent jokes pulled together with a usually loose narrative that on the whole ruins some truly great moments. I also hate the “just like the time…” joke mechanic that they over use.

Now there are some great scenes that make me laugh really hard. They are witty, well done, and reference great pop culture as the joke. Take A-Ha’s song, Take on Me. It was one of those videos that defined the 80’s when music videos were emerging and still to this day is innovative in its approach. If only Family Guy was like that more than just a few random scenes as show.

I’ll be coming for you anyway.