Beautifully Built Bento Boxes

Bento Boxes

Fond memories of sitting outside of Kyoto Eki, station to you westerners, eating a bento box always come to mind during lunchtime. Available in many styles with all kinds of food inside, the bento box is more a concept rather than any particular food in itself. I usually went for the Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) bentos but sometimes would lean into Ika (squid) and Gyoza (fried dumplings) bentos from time to time.

A group of people are holding bento box making competitions with a theme for each and it has brought out some big guns. The one above was from the video game theme they were on and before that it was pirates. I think they should do a goatse bento box theme, because A) it would produce hilarious results, and B) a gaping anus should always be on your mind while consuming lunch.

Damn… her box is tight.

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