Weirdest Item Ever

Tuscan Raider Milk

I don’t know why this is such an amazing item but on you can buy a gallon of milk, Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. It is strange enough to order milk via a website but what is strange is the following it has gathered. With over 900+ “reviews” that are poems, stories, and just random shit that has nothing to do with milk, it is strange.

Another thing is the user photos that you can see such as the one above. Incase you don’t get it, those guys are the Tuscan raiders from Star Wars and this is their milk. Whether you have to milk their cows to get Tuscan milk or you “milk” a raider to get it is a mystery I am not willing to solve.

Give me two fingers of milk.

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One Comment on “Weirdest Item Ever”

  1. infinitecommunism Says:

    I get the joke, but it’s “Tusken” raiders.

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