Remixed Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer (13min Version)

MGS4 Raiden

Hideo Kojima could shit on my head and I would be rooting the guy on the entire time he does it. The man can do no wrong. He is the genius behind the Metal Gear series, the sole reason any of it exists. He is so fantastic that Konami actually gave him the whole Konami Computer Entertainment of Japan, KCEJ, with complete authority to do whatever and is now called Kojima Productions.

This trailer is a remastered trailer, with full effects. It also gives a great glimpse into the story and showcases all the characters, I love how old but in charge Roy Campbell is. Also it gives you the answer to why Snake is so old looking and has mysteries in it such as how the fuck is Meryl alive? (In the official storyline so far, Meryl dies in MGS, the Otacon ending was deemed the canon ending)

Raiden’s wallet says Bad Ass Muthafucka on it. [Courtesy of Kotaku]

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