Watch Anything On Your Xbox360 Via Transcode 360

Transcode 360

Now that MaoChan is big pimping with a 42″ Plasma, it was time to finally take advantage of the Xbox360’s Media Extender ability. Media Extender allows you to, over a home network, access photos, music, and movies stored on your computer through the 360. My goal was to finally watch all the DVD quality anime I have downloaded without having to burn DVDs and do that whole song and dance. Sounds simple?

WRONG!!! Stupid Media Extender only has basic codec support meaning, if you are like me and strive for quality, all those AVI, XVID, and MKVs don’t work….until now. Transcode 360 allows your computer to re-encode on the fly to stream it. All you do is make sure you have it running while you use Media Extender and it takes care of all the technical gibberish. I am talking DVD quality widescreen subbed anime running at 720p with 5.1 surround sound for free.

Extended, for her pleasure.

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2 Comments on “Watch Anything On Your Xbox360 Via Transcode 360”

  1. iankenshi Says:

    If it weren’t for the #’s 720 and 5.1 the effort would have been all in vain! Alas! By extender they mean “this will take an extended period of time/patience to hook up!


  2. MaoChan Says:


    **Shaking fist at the heavens**

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