Movies in 30 Seconds, Re-Enacted by Bunnies

Movies With Bunnies

Almost everyone has seen these but not all collected in one place. These are the famous movies in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies. They have quite the growing archive which includes classic movies but also some movies that are just fun to watch such as the Freddy Vs. Jason screen shot above.

When it comes to movies such as Freddy Vs. Jason, don’t knock it if you haven’t seen it. Also you will need to realize that it was a truly “For The Fans” type film. There are tons of references and homages to the previous films that make it good. Otherwise yes, it is just another bad slasher movie but at least Kelly Rowland dies in the film. That and Jason is the coolest, badassest, mofo ever yo!

I see fluffy people.

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One Comment on “Movies in 30 Seconds, Re-Enacted by Bunnies”

  1. cygnus183 Says:

    “go to the party” she said, “it’ll be fun” she said.

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