Growing Money: WoW Gold Farmers

WoW Gold Farmers

The topic has been covered but this new one from the NY Times is very well written. World of Warcraft Gold Farmers. That phrase has been the butt of jokes, the root of problems, the savior of people who can’t afford the time to grind. To people who don’t know what a gold farmer is or what they do let me try and break it down yo.

In all games, there is money just like real life. The difference is this money falls out of boars and spiders when you kill them instead of coming out of your boss’ wallet. Now there are people who all they do is collect money for sale to players who either just want an easy out of collecting the cash or who don’t have the time to do it themselves. The people who do this go and “farm” the monsters for money. Hence the term.

Noob here, spare sum MONiEZ?

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