Why is My Girlfriend Mad at Me?

Girlfriend Mad At Me

We, men that is, have been to that horrible place. You are sitting there, not doing anything and then BAM!! the woman is going apeshit on you. Maybe it was the too long lingering glance at the waitress in her booty shorts. Or it could of been the look of “wow I don’t care” as she mouths off about shoes and the latest Passions developments. But whatever starts it, you know where the road goes.

That road is the long and painful path that ends up at a fork where you and your dignity end up taking different directions when the yelling occurs in public. Boy does it suck. Hopefully that eyeful you coped of the waitress was worth it. But sometimes, it can be due to something as simple as a little accident.

Who’s the bitch now?

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2 Comments on “Why is My Girlfriend Mad at Me?”

  1. davidquesada Says:

    Damn dude. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been there. I guess that’s why I’m so discreet about a glance here and there. No glance is worth the headache of your girl going off on you. 🙂

  2. MaoChan Says:

    LOL, gotta avoid the women going off. Trying to get away from it is like trying to outrun Mt. Vesuvius… you gonna get buried.

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