YTMND: The Pokétrix

YTMND The Matrix

I will never forget going to see The Matrix at the movies for the first time. It was a mind fuck like no other. I ended up seeing it 4 times opening weekend and all I could think after each time was I wanted more. And then the Wacko-ski People (they are no longer Brothers, one is a tranny if you didn’t know) went and screwed it all up. Even the “flying” at the end of the first was stupid. The real downer was the happy go lucky rainbow at the end of the 3rd. But it is still a good franchise nonetheless.

If you haven’t touched the new Pokémon games, Diamond & Pearl, I highly recommend you get one of them. It plays and feels like the first true sequel since Red & Blue rather than the stupid updates all the others have been. Also WiFi trading and playing means you are never in need of actual friends to play, a bonus for the lonely dorks. Now you don’t have to risk going out into the sun, fresh air, or seeing a girl to be a geek.

Liek Mudkips!?!

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