BayIMG For All Your Disgusting Photos


While there are a lot of sites that will host photos, they usually have “ethical” filters. They take down pictures of gross or explicit material, meaning those fisting & scatological pictures usually hit the delete bin. Well the fine folks in Sweden who run The Pirate Bay have gotten tired of the censorship and have started up BayIMG.

On BayIMG you can upload any pic, no matter how gross and vile it is. They support over 140 formats and even .RAR & .ZIP archive support. So go ahead Mr. Porn Fanatic, stash away all your perverted “tasteful nudes”.

Goatse for all.

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2 Comments on “BayIMG For All Your Disgusting Photos”

  1. iankenshi Says:

    no one should have to see Goatse…

  2. MaoChan Says:

    i disagree, they should teach goatse in middle school. Internet meme 101.

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