Star Wars AT-AT Stroller Stomping Through Your Town

StarWars Stroller

Who has the coolest baby that is also an Imperial Soldier? This guy who’s kid rides around in an AT-AT Stroller. Custom made for the attending of the Star Wars Celebration IV convention held in Los Angeles. Another thing to note is that the dude pushing it is really into Star Wars, with a Boba Fett armband and an Imperial emblem tattoo on his leg. Dork… who am I kidding, I would too.

Incase you ladies were wondering so your man doesn’t do the same, the stroller is a Baby Trend Trendsport Lite. So make sure not to buy it else there might be an AT-AT climbing over mountains n’ shit with your kid in it.

“Echo station 3-T-8, we have spotted Imperial walkers.”

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