Gamespot Changing Format For The Retarded


In a pathetic maneuver to garner more attention from the Xbox playing, retard tween market, Gamespot has decided to do away with any resemblance of a rating system in favor of a .5 stepped system. They will also be handing out “medals” to games for shit like “RAD DESIGN” and “ASSFUCK-TASTIC!”

My major issue is with the rating system. No longer will a game be 8.7 in its review. It will either get the markup to 9 or down to 8. While not a big deal in terms of one game, when you compare it against thousands of games, the small increments have purpose. There is a lot that separates a 10 from a 9.5 hence some games got 9.7 or 9.8. They were awesome but just fell short of perfection. Gamespot will now become the land of 10’s and everyone will be happy. Expect me. I will go be emo in the corner with a frowny face on.

Gamespot likes having its shit pushed in

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