Gears of War Cosplay-ish

Gears of War Cosplay

I use the term cosplay-ish because when you do it this good, it goes beyond the fat girl dresses as Aeris at the local anime convention, or the girl who thinks she is Chun-Li but just has legs that are garbage bags of cottage cheese and shouldn’t be in the same grouping. The guys at Nightmare Armor Studios were the ones who not only crafted these amazing looking armor suits, but also got to meet Cliff B to show them off.

Nightmare Armor Studios has done a few other jobs that make most Cosplay look like a retard with construction paper. Their Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and also the Jin-Roh aka Mamoru Oshii’s Red Spectacles Kerberos armor is just the bee’s knees. I would wear that daily if I owned it, even to buy groceries or go to the doctor.

Damn locusts.

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