27 Tokens Later, The Last Boss is Defeated

Last Boss

Another day, another blog that I read bites the dust. Today it is The Last Boss. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not making fun, I actually enjoyed reading their blog. It is just that every time I get attached to a blog, it dies. It’s like a goldfish that you kill via loving it too much.

I just have a feeling either someone used the GOD code or the structure of most blogs is its own downfall. Many blogs have a staff of writers. These people require money. Salaries are expensive, think about hiring 3 guys at $15k a year. That is crap pay and yet it will cost you a minimum of $45k a year to keep them employed. That money has to come from ads. That is hard work making sure that everyone gets their bacon to take home. Never fear, MaoChan does this for free so if things stop for some reason, it is because Capitalism finally won.

Pay some respect boy.

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